A single view of all your customer information 
improves sales, marketing and service.

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What is Microsoft Dynamics365 CRM? 

Microsoft Dynamics365 offers a flexible, highly customisable CRM platform which can be fully integrated with line of business systems to provide a single view of customer information.

This powerful CRM solution with its familiar and intuitive interface makes it easy to use, helps to increase productivity and efficiency, in turn improving customer relations and growing sales. 

We provide customisation and full development services on the Dynamics CRM platform, which can help revolutionise your services and streamline your business processes for maximum efficiency. 

Brightwire solutions powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM enable a clear, single view of customers. With built-in and customisable tools to support sales, marketing and service activities and a rapid, flexible and scalable platform, your business can grow with: 

- improved communications and focused marketing activities with better customer insight;

- more sales through complete views of customer information; 

- better customer care and support; 

- a tailored solution with increased automation of activities and your business processes built-in;

- customisable to support any type of relationships you have across the organisation, and full integration capability into your existing applications.

Is Microsoft Dynamics365 for me? 

If you are managing customers, tracking sales, handling complaints, dealing with partners, reporting on business intelligence, and looking to centralise your data, then your business will benefit from the Dynamics CRM platform. We have used CRM in traditional ways as well as using it to deliver business applications such as a call centre system, case management, complaints handling and member or practice management.

Dynamics CRM is highly usable by your front-line team with minimal training required to get them up to speed quickly. The platform can be taken on easily by your existing IT team and we offer developer-ready and instructor led training to transfer knowledge to your technical staff. 

We develop and customise Dynamics CRM to meet your precise needs, to grow with your business and to help you enhance customer interactions - building productive and positive relationships. Now there's a choice of hosted or on-premise deployment, we can offer the most relevant solution for your organisation.