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SharePoint and Office365

SharePoint is a web based collaboration platform that offers a feature rich, easy to manage and user friendly way to connect people with teams and information. Whether it's to improve communications and information sharing with your staff, teams, suppliers and customers - the business benefits of using SharePoint are vast.

SharePoint is designed for web portals, public websites, intranets and extranets, and its features include document management, content and asset management, business intelligence and reporting, collaboration and enterprise search. 

SharePoint - save time and money, and increase productivity

Research suggests that a whopping 25% of our working day is wasted looking for information. Where we don't find it, we are more likely to go on to spend time creating duplicate materials which possibly exist elsewhere. Poor information architecture (how content is organised) and disparate or difficult to use systems only add to the pain. SharePoint organises your content logically, and targets relevant information to specific users, so everything becomes easier to find, fast.

SharePoint is the ideal collaboration toolkit which helps people save time and connects them to others, to teams, and to relevant information.

How might you use SharePoint?

- Secure mini-sites for geographically disparate teams or the Board can be easily created, allowing members to upload project documents;

- Online forms can be created and published, allowing users to complete and submit them quickly and in line with business process workflows;

- Content can be tagged and automatically indexed, providing users with rapid and relevant search results; 

- Reporting on business intelligence can be provided through a user-friendly digital dashboard that gives you an at-a-glance view of performance and sales information; 

- Integration with Microsoft Office allows you to eliminate network drive shares, and use SharePoint as a central repository of documents and information; 

- Content can be easily managed by non-technical staff, with minimal training, and the whole platform can be managed by IT; 

- Digital asset management handles images, multimedia and brand related materials securely, with access being flexibly and easily controlled.

As well as being a solid collaboration platform, SharePoint is very capable of integrating to your other business systems. It can be customised to provide CRM data, as well as business intelligence dashboards which give you an 'at a glance' view of performance and sales information. 


10 reasons to use SharePoint

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